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Facial Aesthetics in Linton
Dr. Victoria Waddingham
Smooth Fine Facial Lines Elegantly
Face lift without surgery

Dr. Victoria Waddingham

I trained at the School of Dentistry at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and qualified in 1993.

I have always had a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, even before qualifying as a dentist, including the provision of natural looking tooth coloured restorations, veneers, crowns and tooth whitening. It is this interest that has developed over the years into non-surgical Facial Aesthetics.

I have completed extensive training in the provision of non-surgical facial aesthetics for wrinkle smoothing and dermal fillers at the Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute and take great pleasure from providing a natural revitalized, youthful appearance.

Wrinkle Smoothing

My product of choice is Azzalure, which comes in the form of a solution (Botulinum toxin type A being the active ingredient). A small amount of this solution is administered using a tiny needle into specific facial muscles, as these are the areas where lines and wrinkles tend to form. The effect is relaxing of the muscle which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Between the eyes £150.00

• Forehead £250.00

• Crow’s Feet £175.00

• Forehead and Crow’s Feet £375.00

Dermal Fillers

The product which I administer is Restylane. I prefer this as it is a non-permanent bio-compatible gel which is very similar to a naturally occurring polysaccharide (sugar) in the body called Hyaluronic Acid. It is injected under the surface of the skin using a small needle or thin cannula. Dermal fillers have the effect of plumping up the skin resulting in a fuller smoother appearance.

• From £300.00 depending on area and quantity of filler required.

Initial consultation is free of charge.


The most recent addition to the treatments I offer is Dermatude (www.dermatude.com) the non-surgical facelift alternative which uses META therapy to stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen within the skin to give a fresh and more youthful appearance using a controlled micro-needling technique.