Dental Examination

Dental Examination

What Do Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians do at your Dental Examination?

At every examination the dentists carry out the Antwerp Dentistry 10 point dental check  :

  • a caries (decay) check
  • a periodontal (gum) disease check using our bespoke Antwerp Dental Screening protocol
  • a saliva check
  • a tooth wear check and tooth grinding risk assessment
  • a jaw function check
  • a cancer check
  • a risk assessment of future disease
  • a medical history assessment as this relates to dental disease
  • a cosmetic dentistry check
  • where appropriate, an orthodontic and/or facial aesthetics check

A comprehensive medical history is always taken.

In order to discuss your problems and the treatments you require, we use digital photography, digital low dose  X-rays and computer graphics. For cosmetic dentistry, we may show you what is possible to achieve by showing you previous work completed at this practice.

We can even do a digital smile reconstruction and show you what cosmetic improvement can be achieved before you embark on any treatment.

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