Whether you are a child or an adult, orthodontics is a fabulous technique to straighten teeth and improve their alignment and angulation to promote your smile and facial appearance. An attractive set of teeth provides a measure of facial radiance.

In children, early brace treatment can rescue the child from the typical social stereotyping that occurs around protruded, crooked, or irregular teeth.

As an adult, you may not have ever enjoyed the benefits of straight teem, the satisfaction and self esteem that this brings. It is never too late to enjoy this.

There are various options to consider:

  • Traditional metal fixed appliances. Whereas these are visible, metal fixed appliances are the most predictable brace system, and have stood the test of time. These are economical, are available under the NHS for under 18 year olds, and provide the simplest solution to straighten teeth
  • Ceramic fixed appliances. This is a fixed brace which is typically made out of milled zirconia and this makes the brackets clear or white. These braces look less ‘industrial’ and ‘heavy’ than the traditional fixed appliances. Various ceramic brace ‘systems’ are marketed such as Cfast and QuickStraightTeeth.

If you are seeking a completely clear brace solution then you may want to consider the Invisalign system.

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Have a listen to Emma Louise’s  fixed brace journey in the videos enclosed in the drop down menu below. She has received a ceramic brace on the upper teeth, and a metal brace on the lower teeth.

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