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Specialist Periodontist


Do you ever have :

periodontitis_painIf you have any of the above, perhaps you are seeing the hygienist at the moment or your dentist is looking after your gums. You may benefit from seeing one of our specialists in gum treatment.  Specialists treat gum disease at an advanced level, and have knowledge of specialised techniques to improve tooth retention.

A Specialist Periodontist has received a thorough training programme after finishing their dental degree, and they are experts in treating all gum problems. If you have a gum condition, it is better if you are treated early by the specialist rather than wait until the problem becomes significantly worse when the outcomes are not as good.

There is also now new evidence that that may be a relationship between gum disease and medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and super respiratory tract infections. If you are pregnant and planning to have a baby, you should know that there is a relationship too between gum disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Ask your dentist for a referral today if you are concerned about your gums, or any of the matters raised above and he/she will provide more information about whether it is necessary to see one of our Specialist Periodontists.

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